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  1. Can someone please provide detailed instructions on how to use reaver on the pineapple. Please provide pictures if possible. If you don't have the time to post instructions can you at least point me in the right direction. Please help because I can not figure out how to use reaver. I have the the pineapple mark IV elite bundle. ,Bransonb3
  2. Can someone please tell how to connect to the Pineapple with WinSCP. ,Branson
  3. Ok I'll try opening it up thanks. I have a question for you about the pineapple and the SanDisk fit I formated the usb and plugged it in and I went to the usb tab to make sure it detected the drive and it did. When I tried to install modules to it there wasn't a external storage option. What should I do.
  4. I got a WiFi Pineapple mark IV for Christmas and tonight it broke. I (normally not hard) pushed the WPS button because it was blinking so I though the pineapple must want me to push it. Once I pushed the button it went down and didn't come back up, then the ANT connector became loose. I unplugged the Pineapple to see if the WPS button would stop blinking but it didn't and the USB light didn't light up even though I a SanDisk fit in there and the LAN light didn't light up like it normally does. Thank you Branson
  5. bransonb3


    I am having trouble getting on to hak5 irc and was hoping someone could help me.
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