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Is Pineapple Mark IV capable to do this?


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I'm new in all Pineapple hacking stuff, know that you can phish and give false web pages.

But can it phish only specific IP, which is connected to public wifi? If there is 10 people, and I want to use phishing on one of them.

Can I send pop-up, which opens automatically when user is in web browser?

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Arp poison would do one of your requirements. Why it won't be your phishing web site, it will allow you to route specific or all traffic through a laptop. You would need to be local so that you could connect to your pineapple locally. Then you could see all traffic for that person or everyone on the router if you wanted.

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Thank you for answers! :)

Two more questions about phishing:

1) Is it possible to phish in WEP secured WiFi when I'm connected to this network?

2) Can phishing be traced to me? Even if I disconnect from the network?

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