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[Info] Happy Ducky Xmas/New Year


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The rules of Duck Club:

  • You do not talk about Duck Club.
  • You DO NOT TALK about Duck Club.
  • If some Duck says "stop" or goes "limp", "taps out": the Duck-fight is over.
  • Only two Ducks to a fight
  • One Duck at a time
  • No skins, or covers
  • Fights will go on as long as they have to
  • If this is your first night at DUCK CLUB, you HAVE to DUCK!

For Ducky training head on over to:
http://usbrubberducky.com/(temporarily down)

For alternative firmware and encoders (ducky-decode)(multi lingual, or trying to be... with DuckEncoder v2.1!).

A summary of this years progress:


  • HID emulation - multi-OS; Win,Unix,OSX,BSD,Android,IOS, + (duck.hex)
  • Mass Storage (USB.hex)
  • Multi-payload (m_duck.hex)
  • Composite_payload (c_duck.hex)

Language Support:

  • US (United States) - ok
  • UK (United Kingdom) - ok
  • DE (German) - ok
  • DA (Danish) (?)
  • FR (French) - ok
  • BE (Belgian) - ok
  • NO (Norwegian)(?)
  • PT (Portuguese)(?)
  • SV (Swedish)(?)
  • ES (Spanish) (in development?)
  • RU (Russian) (in development?)

Thanks to everyone that tested the firmwares and encoders (over the last year), without your support this project is nothing. I havn't recently heard too many complaints so I assume everything work's as intended. If not you need to provide feedback

Composite payload brings back auto-run attacks, and can potential bypass device control software.

Tell all your friends and promote the power of the Duck! ( leads to lower costs for all!)

Have a Ducky Xmas and New Year!


Support is needed to confirm validity of multi-lingual support!
If you have a patch get in touch!
If it works, please confirm!
If your not supported, speak up, we will help to support!

Lets make the Ducky the must have pentester tool of the year!

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update language support
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2 questions:

-does the usb.hex run payload as well as have mass storage or is it mereley only a mass storage device on this firmware?

-can you remove CMD prompt from the c_duck.hex then rename it and upload that for me to try something?

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