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[Question] Mac restart comands

aka the ark

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If you shutdown the computer, I want to say your going to be out of luck.

Worth looking into more

In the old days Mac keyboards had a power button on it, Now it is gone.

I guess if you could find out what that button was and did you might be able to have it work then

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I am not 100 percent sure without testing but

just use a reboot command and then pause the duck for how ever long the machine takes to reboot.

your issue could be that when the mac reboots it resets the usb power which would reset the duck.

If that is the case then you need to look at running the duck of outside power but then again you might have initiaztion issues when you plug it in.

I do not have a duck to test with, I am using a teensy for this stuff

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Ok is there any way for it to restart and the duck would still do its thing?

You could use the m_duck (Naked Duck) firmware.

First payload reboots the Mac, enable caps lock when the Mac boots, and push the button on the ducky to execute the 2nd payload; you would probably want some kind of large delay, depending on boot time.

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Couldn't you issue a reboot, but in the duck code tell it to wait for the imac to become alive again? (Not 100% familiar yet with the duck language B) soon to own one!)

The Duck is powered by the host over USB (Hence the need for a USB OTG cable on Android).

On reboot the Ducky would reset.

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