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acer 5515 cpu


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Um, most laptops, don't have boards with upgradable CPU's, but worth looking into. Mobile processors I don't believe use the same socket assembly like they do on desktops. I've never even seen a store that sells laptop CPU's, although, I imagine there are for OEM's and repair shops, but if anyone would have it, try NewEgg. I don't think you will have much luck in that area, other than trying to overclock it, which is probably not the best idea on a laptop to begin with, due to cooling restraints and such.

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If its a standard AM2 socket, then what they say here, may work. Not sure if its the same setup board as yours, but worth a shot. Just know you can't use an AM3 chip in it to overclock this thing, has to be an AM2 chipset, which are the older socket types, and I imagine limites your CPU choices. Where you get one that fits your board and not sure if the guy bought a mobile version, or if its a standard PC version of if they differn in any way, but hell, see what you can dig up...be interested in the results and if you can do what they said they did.

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