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A Question for Phone Phreaks


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I got a pre-paid cell and stopped service on my iPhone b/c too many people had my number from when I was younger. So I greatly reduced the number of incoming calls and it's been great.

However, someone just called me from this number:


which I tracked down to an Immigrant community group in Portland, OR, though that information could be outdated. I am neither from Portland, OR nor an Immigrant (at least not to the US).

So I called the # back and it says it's DISCONNECTED!! WTH? Is it some hacker/spy/agent/big-brother/rival/phreak-from-my-linux-club phucking with me or? I increased my internal DEFCON level and went in paranoid 20th century phone phreak mode immediately.

Can you tell me what this means and/or help me research the number? I should probably ask the Phone Losers of America but I haven't delt with them first hand before and I'd rather just ask you guys.


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it appears to be a proxy for every part of Oregon's government

i guess they're looking for someone who used to have this number, but i wish i could break their proxy... in theory anyway... hmmmm. guess i would have to hack the phone company. better call kevin mitnick...

I'm still open to ideas on how to d0x the caller (in theory).

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I wouldn't freak out too much. Phone numbers are EASILY spoofed; they have apps for droid that can do it... I would say if it does not exist; it was spoofed. But, it could have just been a collection agency; they do some pretty fucked up shit to get their money... I would just record the information and wait for it to happen again... got to love android API

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