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i wanted to use my Debian machine to share the internet that is connected to eth0 with wlan0 so that I don't have to sit next to my Ethernet socket on in my wall when ever I want to use my laptop. I could just go and my a wireless router but I thought that since my desktop is going to be sitting next to the socket all of the time it my be time to give it a new purpose and expand on my none existent Debian skills. So I found some tutorials on the internet about creating ad-hoc networks and sharing the internet between them. That all went well until I came connect to the ad-hoc network. I can connect just fine however I can't share my internet from my desktop to my laptop.

my desktop is a fresh installation of Debian and my laptop is windows7 .

I used ip tables as a firewall and for forwarding the internet.

Any help on how to fix this would be great.

Just ask if I forgot to post any necessary information.

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That might be your problem. Do:

sudo iptables -L FORWARD --line-numbers

That should give you the output for those two policies. Then run:

sudo iptables -D FORWARD [line number]

replacing [line number] with the actual line number. That should drop those two entries and it should work then. It seems like it's allowing TCP web data, but nothing else (not an expert on iptables, so someone please feel free to correct me). Dropping those two entries should fix it. When you reboot, they should re-appear. If you don't want this, then you can do:

iptables-save > my_forwarding_rules.ipt

And to restore from it when you boot or log in, you can do:

iptables-restore < my_forwarding_rules.ipt

And that's it. Give it a whirl and see if it works.

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