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Remote Capture Pineapple To Wireshark

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Afaik, dump to usb mean offline capture right ?

Is it possible to do live traffic capture ?

I remember an older hak5 episode where they sent a tcpdump to another ip on the same network. maybe netcat/ssh tunnel? of course if you can connect to the pineapple you can ssh in and just issue a dump and see it all on-screen

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I happened to run across this bit of info:


ssh root@server.com ‘tshark -f “port !22″ -w -’ | wireshark -k -i -

This captures traffic on a remote machine with tshark, sends the raw pcap data over the ssh link, and displays it in wireshark. Hitting ctrl+C will stop the capture and unfortunately close your wireshark window. This can be worked-around by passing -c # to tshark to only capture a certain # of packets, or redirecting the data through a named pipe rather than piping directly from ssh to wireshark. I recommend filtering as much as you can in the tshark command to conserve bandwidth. tshark can be replaced with tcpdump thusly:

ssh root@example.com tcpdump -w – ‘port !22′ | wireshark -k -i -


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i still have no luck with this :( :( :( :( :( :( it's really strange it said, 'ash: tcpdump: not found'


Hmm I have updated my setup script to sym link more things from usb to the regular filesystem, this should make more things installed to usb compatable, you have to run it after installing to usb

ln -s /usb/usr/sbin/* /usr/sbin/

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