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Quick Setup, Pineapple On Home Network Security Questions


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Can a kind someone please advise. I would like to add my Wifi pineapple IV to my home network. I mean, to connect it to my home router to gain access to the internet

I connected the pineapple via POE to the router.

I changed the Home network router IP to

This enables me to browse to (pineapple) from any device connected to my home network. Which is great.

Networkmanager from the Pineapple bar helped with the ICS.

My question is, is this a good method of doing this?

I am pretty sure the home router is issuing DHCP Ip's to the pineapple connected clients, as they are showing up in the Network list when I admin the home router from web interface. Is that normal? - Is the home router now assigning IPs instead of the Pineapple?

also, I'm worried that any clients Karma'd by the Pineapple would then be able to view my home network, access connected devices etc which is a security risk. - Also, is there a way of blocking,filtering what the Pineapple clients could use the internet for, so they dont drain the bandwidth, download files,torrents etc.

- I have been using the Pineapple with my laptop and setting up ICS which is great, but needs the laptop on 24/7 to make it work. By putting the Pineapple on my home network directly this can be left on all day with no issues. extra power etc.

How do you connect a Pineapple to a home router?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

Kind regards

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Depending on your router, I'd add a second ip space for the pineapple. My home router is actually a computer running pfsense, so I just add a third network card that's separated from the rest of the home network.

my router is an asus n16 running asus firmware which is based on ddwrt (i think).

Not sure how to do what you suggest. Giving the pineapple a separate ip range would be the answer just not sure how to do it


Would virtualLAN (VLAN) do the job? - I cant find that option in the ASUS wrt firmware I have tho. :(

Or maybe this?


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Have you tried using the wan port instead? http://cloud.wifipin...php?id=guidewan

you can then do the same without changeing your home routers ip from to 172.16.42.*

This is exactly right. I have one constantly connected to my home router (for testing, etc before I go into the field). I use the WAN port iptables rules to do this. You can then use port-forwarding rules so you can access via ssh from anywhere. I'm not too sure about the level of security given this setup, however from what I understand (don't quote me here) the pineapples 'clients' are on a whole diff subnet; issued by the pineapple instead of your router. This is not much of a security barrier for the experienced attacker, however, a simple subnet does stop the average joe from sniffing your network traffic, and/or probing local devices...?

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