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Win 7 Laptop And Xp Computer


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Ok so here is the problem.

I have just move into new dorm room and I want to use my old xp desktop to share my internet connection to my windows 7 laptop that for some strange reason has no ethernet port. I have tried creating an ad-hoc network based on a guide from microsoft's own site. I have also tried using the free version of connectify. Both to no avail.

When I follow microsofts guide most of the time my laptop connects to the network but states it is an unidentified network and that no network access. The rest of the time it just doesn't connect.

When I use connectify it does the same thing but on the connectify clients list my laptop and other pc's laptops are not listed. After searching on goole and finding pages upon pages of how to setup and ad-hoc on windows 7 rather than connect to one from window 7 that was created on windows xp I gave up the google search and finally amitted I need help from some one who knows what they are doing probably better that I do.

As before my laptop is running window 7 64-bit has 3GB ram and has an atheros ar5b93 wireless adapter.

my desktop is running windows xp 32-bit has 4gb (only 3GB usable) and has an atheros AR 9285 wireless based on the results of an aida64 scan although the card itself states that it is a tp-link tl-wn781nd. this is also a new instalation due to having a bigger hdd and that fact that it just called for one.

Any help that can be provided would be greatly accepted, whether that be stepped advice, opinions orr just a point in the right direction.

Please help im almost ready to snap. :wacko:

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Are you sure that your laptop doesn't have an ethernet port? I would do a throughout inspection on the laptop, just to make sure.

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Some laptops (like tablets) do in fact not come with ethernet ports, but generally, also don't come with cdroms either. Like smaller, netbooks you get for $200. Still, even my kids Aspire one has an ethernet port(I think) but no cdrom. the Ethernet port on heres from memory is where the cdrom would normally be on the side. (Now I have to go open the box and have a look to be sure....)

edit: it does have it on hers, just on the left side next to the power chord.

Curious what kind of laptop you have too, that actually has 7 on it with no ethernet. Is it Windows Windows 7 starter edition or something?

Alternatively, you could always try one of these: http://www.amazon.co...thernet Adapter

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I set up an ad hoc network once on XP, so I know it works. You didn't mention how you have the networking configured so I have to ask. On the XP desktop you have the network coming in through the Ethernet port, correct? You can't use the same wireless device to connect to the internet and also share the internet connection. You have to use two separate devices. Forgive me if I am pointing out the obvious.

If you want to spend about 60 dollars you could get one of these.


I have one that I used to tap into the neighbors WiFi and redistribute through my house as my own network and it worked very well in my opinion. It can be used with either a WIFi adapter or through the ethernet port.

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