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I personally recommend Witopia and Nvpn.

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I think he wanted Virtual Private Servers, not VPN services, but if you had a VPS, you could set up a VPN on some of them, depending on the services. Maybe OP can clarify what he/she needs, and price range they have to spend on budget for services. Linode and Rackspace do VPS services with full on virtualization to install whatever you want, but also places like Dreamhost offer simple private server, single IP setups but cost more than their base packages but still usually cheaper than linode and rackspace would be.

If its VPN services you mean and not a VPS, then I would go with TunnelGuard. Affordable, fast and no logs.

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What OS are you looking to do.

If you are looking for microsoft the host has to pay licensing on each user so its going to cost more. If you are looking for a cheaper one linux is the route.

sshvm.com has one for $2

virpus.com looks nice..

Try google.

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