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    What OS are you looking to do. If you are looking for microsoft the host has to pay licensing on each user so its going to cost more. If you are looking for a cheaper one linux is the route. sshvm.com has one for $2 virpus.com looks nice.. Try google.
  2. Im actually not a fan of the new theme/layout either. Its not as compact as the old one.
  3. 250KB/s?! This is what I got the other day in the dorms. I probably get about less than half that back home...
  4. I bet it was the feds.. Something to do with wikileaks maybe..
  5. I myself am not too old school, but I have my: Radio Shack Pro 90:
  6. I guess by saying $200 I mean inexpensive. What would I run along with a consumer router? On the software end?
  7. I'm here in the mountains of Butler, TN and there is a WiFi service that they just put up around here in the last year. They use some Hardware called ISS III Then they set up these units that pretty much emit WiFi but they also use it to talk to homebase where the internet connection is. Its set up with 2 antenna's one Im connected to and I get my internet from. Then theirs a more directional one which I assume talks to another one which probably is connected to the ISS and an internet connection. The only cable coming of this here tower is power. How do I setup one of these units that doesnt cost $2,000. Maybe more around $200 and have them pay me via PayPal. Any Ideas? Thank you.
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