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[Payload] To Enable Remote


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I am new here and plan to buy rubber ducky, here are several questions before i buy

1. How to encrypt a binary (exe) to base64

2. Is there any exe currently that can create a connection to my pc connected and using a GUI I can see how many people connected to my pc and I can remote desktop to their pc or shell it. (I understand that my pc have to be reachable from outside, which is my case and client pc can be hidden behind firewall).

My target is to plugin this USB to pc and their pc will keep connecting to my server and my server can see all connected pc and start remoting or shell them. I prefer that the exe is not detected as virus. And the exe should be small enough to be encrypted as base64.

Anyone can help?

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Can you help to answer how to convert exe file to base64 used by rubber ducky? I need it so that ducky can copy con a base 64 file and convert to exe and run it.

Google a UUencoder for the base64 part

(Which I believe is Unix to Unix. Back in the day ASCI was only 7 bits, so to xfer an executable, it had to be encoded to 7 bit 'bytes' for transmission)

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Learning how to use metasploit would serve you better than a GUI like armitage. Armitage is great, but I'd only suggest it after you understand what's actually going on underneath.

As far as a solution goes, you could make a executable through metasploit and pass it through your own encryptions and techniques to make it bypass an AV. As far as how to do this is really up to you, as anyone who finds working techniques generally keep them to themselves because revealing them means they get patched by the AV companies...

Don't forget, dropping binaries can be messy and difficult to clear up afterwards. When possible, it's better to use working exploits, perhaps an RTF exploit typed out and opened by the Ducky, which then opens a meterpreter session back to you...?

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