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Collaboration On Firmware/web-Ui


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Hi everybody,

I just bought a MK4 and you made the tick !

Awesome the karma patch (i'm still looking at the patch source too understand how the magic happens)

I have some development skills (PHP/BASH/openwrt build) that I would share with you (some bash/web-ui link improvement)

Do you have some svn/git available to contribute or improve ?

Saw that the wiki is not so complete (I will try to work on it) so what is the project roadmap (bug and feature) ?

Thanks for your work !

Trust your technolust :-)

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It's great to have some more people that can do php bash and understand open-wrt, Im not the best

as far as a feature that people would love you for is if you make a gui front end to reaver, that is somthing that is to my knowledge is not being done.

I would make it but my php is not great.

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I'll try to look at this. Referring to the last module path system, this will be only available 2.6.4 ? Or do I make some version check to retro-compatibility ? What's your politic about this ?

But don't you use some bug/feature track system with milestones and so on ?

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