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  1. Hi all, I have the same issue : there is no "css" and "js" folder in the module package (got it on the cloud.wifipineapple) If whistlemaster has some time to fix it in a new version ? Cheers
  2. Hi everybody, I found too much thread as : "My pineapple is bricked !" "I'm stuck on the redirect loop" "New FW not working" .... Please read a bit more changelogs before upgrade .... So we can focus on real problems ! (I think Seb is going to have a stack overflow if people don't stop this and still don't read docs...) Thanks to all the community ! Cheers
  3. Hi, I think I found the error : opkg install reaver --dest usb [/CODE] doesn't work well, but this seems to be ok : [CODE] opkg install --dest usb reaver [/CODE] will be available soon (in v0.5)
  4. Hello, It seems there is a bug with the reaver check command. Working on this and release the fix asap. Cheers !
  5. Hey ! So I'm a bit confused about this error : which : return the path of the binary OR nothing "" if not found I installed on usb : return "" In the which man : Cause I can't be sure about the return of the "which" command : I'll use another way to check if reaver is installed (v0.5) Thanks for the feedback !
  6. Ok, I understand better. So if it is installed on usb (manually) and run 'which' it works => Good to hear ! About the usb installation => I'll try to fix it asap, I have to dive deeper into this and keep you up to date. Sorry about those annoying bugs and thanks for feedback ! Cheers
  7. Hi, So I was working on the module and I found a bug : I reworked the code. New version released (v0.4) Hope it will fix most of the problems. Please feel free to provide a feedback ! Cheers and have fun ^^
  8. Hi, thanks for the feedback ! So : First : Don't forget that in PHP, when you use double-quote (") to delimit a string, you can pass directly the variable name and it will be interpreted. So it should work as well it's working on my favorite fruit... (Am I mistaking ?) Second: It is really annoying because the "which" command should only return a valid command path (usb or not) : the path of the program itself (so I'm sure the module will work then). You can run the "reaver" command without having a result for the "which" command ?! Please try this for me : Run in ssh : "which reaver" then Run in ssh : "reaver" And paste the results here so I can find out what is wrong Third: I don't understand what you mean : - You want to install it on usb ? check the box. - You want to install it on internal ? uncheck the box To avoid any error in the future : The 'usb' checkbox will appear only in case of detection of an usb drive (in v0.4) Thanks and waiting forward for your feedback. Hi, Thanks for supporting me ! I'm glad to provide a useful tool to this community ! Can you please explain me what's the problem regarding the empty logfile please ? Everything is working well for mine (just reflashed to test fresh module install) so I don't understand what can be wrong. Thanks for the feedback too ! Cheers hackers !
  9. Hi, Very very strange bug, should be always ok (isn't it the purpose of "which" ?!) Maybe somebody has been through the same error ? Here is how I test if it is installed : /** * Hackrylix * Test if a command is installed * @param String The command to check * @return int 1 if true or 0 if false * */ function isInstalled($command) { return exec("which $command") != "" ? 1 : 0; } [/CODE] And this is how I install it (on usb or not) : [CODE] $cmd = "opkg update && opkg install reaver "; if (isset($_GET['onusb'])) { $cmd.=" --dest usb &"; } else { $cmd .=" &"; } echo shell_exec($cmd); [/CODE] Hope it will help. Cheers!
  10. Hi ! v0.3 submitted to the pineapple team Changes : Ability to bring an interface up/down Reworked UI (you're welcome barry ;) ) Fixed Bug on reaver launch Major code improvement (still ongoing) Minor bugs fixed Wiki is now on the pineapple wiki Should be available soon in your favorite bar ! EDIT : Available in the bar ! Have fun and feed me back in case of problem/suggestion. Cheers !
  11. Hi, It's not released yet, I'm working on this. Should be done tonight (Brussels time). Cheers !
  12. Hi everybody, I'm sorry for not answering faster, I was so busy... I just upgraded to 2.7.0 The v0.3 is almost ready (just need a little layout modification for our friend "the multi-lowres-screen guy" aka barry ;-) ) It fixes the bug about the launching of the reaver command (found the source) and add the ability to down/up a wlan card (as recently requested ;-)) It will be submitted tomorrow if I find a bit of time to do it. Sorry again for the lack of follow up, I'm in a very busy period. Cheers ! PS : The v0.4 will add the possibility to change the log path to usb (as loozr suggests) and clear/delete logs.
  13. Ok, First, the interfaces managing is coming (in v0.3 ifconfig up/down) [EDIT] better to see if the pineapple framework can do this (a common way on all modules). Else I'll implement it in the module :( Then, for #2, I have a little idea but I'm going to investigate and try to find out what's wrong. Stay tuned, I'll try to release the fix into the v0.3 asap (with other minor bug-fix) Cheers
  14. Hi, sorry for the late response. So petertfm, I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean. To get a list of ap : use the network-manager module and change from 'access point' to ad-hoc or client. Then, go back in the reaver module and try a scan (select the right interface in the list : it is used to scan) To start an attack : Start your mon interface (via the button) or select the right one (in the monitored interface list) In the ap list, click on a row and then, click on the 'start attack' button. Use auto-refresh and wait for reaver to crack the key (can be long). If you still have issue, please let me know... Cheers
  15. Hi Seb, About the ui : I totally agree with you. Maybe in a near future but not so urgent . About the module install : Of course you're right, I recommend to everybody to download the module from the pineapple bar. Just for little hackers who want to check unstable versions, they can have it by my github (NO WARRANTY). I think the most useful would be a Pineapple Framework (working on it) and a module creator with more features (framework related) Can I add a page on the official wiki about this module ? (I didn't find the way to create a page on your wiki) And thanks for support ! Cheers
  16. Hi, Here is the temporary wiki : https://github.com/Hackrylix/reaver/wiki I suggest you to install it from official repo (pineapple bar) since the last version is released. If you need more information, just let me know :-) Cheers
  17. Hell yeah ! Great screen install ^^ I see it's really ugly, know what you meant ;-) I'll try to do something for you (tomorrow or the day after) and keep you up to date. Cheers EDIT : Just to say that I noticed some differences between the ui on firefox and chromium. Which is your hacker browser ?
  18. Okay, so the module works for you ? If yes : have fun and maybe give me some feedback. If no, please let me know so I can fix it in v0.3 ;-) Good luck with your studies, work and kids ^^ Cheers
  19. Hi, Are you talking about the v0.2 ? Can you run this command to see space related stuff : df -h [/CODE] Can you try to cleanup a bit if not enough space ? Look at the /root /pineapple/logs, ... via ssh. (I'm working on a tiny file browser/editor because the previous module doesn't seems updated). Then remove the infusion and reinstall it in internal storage. Keep me up to date. Cheers !
  20. I don't have any problem dude. I just said that the problem of rand0mh3r0 was a not updated module version : If you move from 2.5 to 2.6.4, you have to update the modules via the pineapple bar. What is your's ? Cheers
  21. Hey, I have a old CRT too used for my servers, those old things never die ^^ So if we want a complete rewrite of the ui, I propose to make some mock, vote and develop ;-) What is the most important to be shown ? Landscape or Portrait or auto-rotate ? For which screen-size ? , a lot to do, but can be cool... Should I start to work on this ? Cheers ! PS : Should we rewrite a least the main ui to match 1024x768 ? What are your resolution ? Maybe a poll...
  22. Hi guys ! The v0.2 is officially released and seems to work. About the layout : - I can rewrite the layout of the entire pineapple to work on a mobile mode (@loozr : yes, it's smartphone related) but modules-ui have to be rewritten. - I can make only a mobile-ui for my module as an experiment then we'll see. Cheers and Have fun ^^ PS : 1024x768 ? Really ? What kind of monitor is it (monochrome 12" from 1994 ?) . Just loling : D Working on this ... ASAp
  23. Hi, Same issue here while trying to install the infusion ;-) When the CGI script timeout, all children are hold on and zombified I think. 2 ways to fix this : - Use a 2 step install (install the module, then the rolls) - Increase the time exec in php (not so clean) What does seb think about this ?
  24. Happy that's working ! And thanks for support ! So if I understand, the "" was working. I have to remove the * and dive into man to see what's the right way. So the v0.2 seems ok. but I have to know if the layout is okay (maybe a mobile template switch in case of mobile access). I'm working on a simplified (mobile target) ui of the pineapple with a switch. Will it be useful ? Cheers !
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