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Pineapple Grab Bag


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I am selling / trading my wifi pineapples for a mark 4 and the jtag to flash it with.

I have a fon 2100 with power supply - make offer

I also have a fon 2201? with power supply - it was the monkey/intercepter basically a fon 2100 with 2 ethernet ports

I have a mk 3 with power supply

I also have a messed up mk 2, the wifi works but the ethernet is broken from messing up the sdcard hack on it.

here are some crappy pics of them from my ipod but they are all in good working order. ( well the mk2 is messed up but hey )

I would like to trade them all for a mk4 with jtag device. or sell them to get close so i can buy one.

I have no issues with flashing a ap-151u or whatever the correct one happens to be


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Yea been watching and playing for a long time with the show. I have learned soo much and had quite a bit of fun with these.

Its time for an upgrade can I talk you in to a trade for an mk4? think they are still 100 bcuks from hakshop.

Or when i get home I will find that thread where they do it with hornets or something and find out how much that is.

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Ok Sold. I am going to send you a pm.

and just a reminder

the MK 2 is broken I took it apart and removed a few things with a soldering iron ( bad idea ) The wifi on it still works soo you can set it up to run the rickroll or something if i can remember the password on it. But The ethernet port is broken and will never work.

The Other 3 are in great working order

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What are the MK2 differences between this model and the IV? Not that it matters, but I just want to know what devices are still compatible with this particular model? (Got to tell my old lady WHY would we need it). :)

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45 for the mk3 would be great unixmito. I will send you a pm.

I still have a

fon 2100 - the original jasager - http://www.digininja.org/jasager/ - uumm call it 25 bucks for it

fon ++ - its the original interceptor / runs jasager - http://www.digininja.org/interceptor/ - 30 for this one

I will ship everything thru usps in a flat rate box so there is a tracking number and am taking payment by paypal

(if you buy both fons i will give you my broken mk2 also)

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