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Tor Manager - V1.0

As I mentioned before this is my first attempt at a module and it's not been an easy ride. The code aspect was a piece of cake - what was not was getting Tor to actually work well on the Pineapple. It turns out that relatively speaking to the Pineapple's resources the Tor client requires huge amounts of memory and storage! This module is USB install only as although the Bar will say it's size is probably under 2MB once Tor caches it's descriptors the final size is around 6MB which is of course too much for the internal flash. When running it also uses lots of RAM so don't expect to run much else at the same time.

Originally I was playing around with getting the module to install tor and it's dependencies with opkg but after extensive testing I thought that it would be better to just include a copy of tor so that there would be an indication as to why it needs to be installed on USB storage. The other thinking behind this is it makes the module cleaner to uninstall without leaving anything behind on the system.


- Tor Socks Proxy support

- Easy editing of SocksPort and SocksListenAddress

- "Run on Boot" mode for automatically starting Tor

- Bootstrapping progress indicator

Questions I know will come up:

Why is my socks connection is not loading anything? / Why does Tor take so long to start?

It seems that due to the limited RAM Tor takes a VERY long time to initiate a connection to the Tor network. You'll notice particularly the first connection takes upwards of 15minutes. Subsequent connections even after a reboot should be much quicker - even so it can still take 5minutes or so to fully establish a connection. You don't know how many times in development this completely messed around with me making me thing that Tor just wasn't working at all! I have included a progress indicator on the module page so you can check if it's actually attempting to connect or not. Once connected however webpage loading times are not too bad - the Tor network isn't particularly quick anyhow so don't expect massive amounts of throughput.

What's this message about my Clock settings?

Tor requires that your system clock is set correctly in order to establish connections to nodes. If you continually receive this message then you might have to upgrade to a newer firmware version as there were issues with the clock not updating correctly. I've done most of my testing on 2.6.3 which seems to work well but the current stable (2.5.0) also works. I have also set up the "Run on Boot" mode so it will wait until the clock is set correctly before launching the Tor client - so do expect the module page to say that Tor is not running for the first few minutes after boot even if "Run on Boot" is enabled.

Your code sucks!

Yes I know in places my code is a bit messy and hacky. It's been a while since I've done any PHP and hence it's not my best - please do however advise me where the module could be optimised and improved.

Where is XYZ feature?

This was a quick "get me back into PHP" version of the module. I do intend to add some more features in the future - for instance I want to get Transparent Tor working and might play around with Relay configurations.



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This sounds great Challenger! This has been on the communities "To Do" list for a while now! Do you have any screenshots of your work in progress? I'm sure many of us would like to take a sneak peek if possible. Cant wait to check it out


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