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  1. +1 for a Roku. I love mine and the Revision3 app is my preferred way to watch Hak5 - the only bit I hate is the US-centric ad before playing each video. I also watch a lot of Netflix and iPlayer on it - definitely £99 well spent. hfam - Sounds like you need to consolidate TVersity and Subsonic into a plex media server (there is a roku client app) it's a much more elegant solution and that's how I watch my all local media files. It supports all the WAN, LAN, Transcoding features of both the programs you mentioned but in a tidier package.
  2. The modules will download on the pineapple itself and as you said you can ping from ssh the pineapple should be able to download and install modules. On the top of the pineapple webui just go to "pineapple bar" then "list available infusions" from there you can install networkmanager and setup ICS
  3. you are running extremely low on space on rootfs. Have you installed modules or other things to the root file system?
  4. I guess whistlemaster will bring out a fixed version but in the mean time this will fix NetworkManager for use with 2.6.4. Just run this via SSH on the pineapple. sed -i "s/\"\/pineapple\|\"\/www/\"/g;s/'\/www/'/g" /pineapple/modules/networkmanager/networkmanager.php [/CODE] Edit: I should point out only run this once.
  5. The NetworkManager module makes setting up ICS a piece of cake - I'd recommend you install that.
  6. If you haven't already seen there is a lot more information in the first post regarding features etc. The Module is now live in the Pineapple Bar and there is also a 2.6.4 compatible version if you follow the User guidelines here: http://forums.hak5.o...es-please-read/
  7. Tor Manager - V1.0 As I mentioned before this is my first attempt at a module and it's not been an easy ride. The code aspect was a piece of cake - what was not was getting Tor to actually work well on the Pineapple. It turns out that relatively speaking to the Pineapple's resources the Tor client requires huge amounts of memory and storage! This module is USB install only as although the Bar will say it's size is probably under 2MB once Tor caches it's descriptors the final size is around 6MB which is of course too much for the internal flash. When running it also uses lots of RAM so don't e
  8. Hey everyone, I've been a long time viewer of Hak5 however just decided to join the forums :) After watching the last episode I figured I could give some info back to the community. I've been trying to get the most optimal policy routing for various popular video sites and in my research I found that the information is extremely scarce on the internet. My aim was to get just the ip check to go through the proxy, vpn etc and for the actual video to stream through "The Wilderness" as Snubs so rightly put it. So here I give you a list of hosts you will need to route through your proxy for var
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