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I Think I Bricked My Mk4


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I was trying to do firmware update from 2.4 to 2.5 via web ui....i uploaded the file and entered md5 like instructed, hit upload then it took really long time , i could no longer access ui via the ip. i waited for a while then restarted pineapple (via power cycle), and i cant access it , via wifi, ethernet .....anyone can help? :\

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It looks like I need to perform this operation as well. I was messing around alot with flashing the pinapples in this thread(http://forums.hak5.o..._20#entry208598)

Depending on the response, I'll do this live on a Google Hangout. I think I have a decent enough quality camera for this.

Edit: I went cheap on the shipping so estimated delivery date is Sept. 12-25. Will post an update then.

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