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Wifi Jammer Issue?

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since the upgrade to 2.6, is anyone else having issues with wifi jammer? on 2.5 i could start the jammer and refresh to see the deauth being sent to different mac addresses, however now on 2.6, all i get is "starting wifi jammer". it just hangs at that point. as far as i can tell, nothing is being deauthed at the moment.

tried reflash to 2.5 and it worked. flash to 2.6 and same issues. also tried saving the module to usb as well as internal with the same results. any ideas out there?

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Hey SinisterRaccoon,

Are you using the built in wifi card or an external one?

If it is the built in one, make sure to start monitor mode first by pressing the "Start Monitor" link.

I just tried with 2.6.0 and it works just fine.

Also, I recommend that you post questions about the jammer in the jammer thread for easier support.

Best Regards,


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