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Mk3 Pineapple On The Nsa's Table Defcon 20?


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A MK3 hidden in a WD world case was spotted on the NSA's table at DEFCON.....


This is the same MK3 that was on the HAK5 table if you were at DEFCON 20.

I had a blast this year at DEFCON, and seeing the other pineapples running karma was a lot of fun =)

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Thats very interesting, what the hell are they trying to do or prove? seeing this on the flip side of the coin makes me mad!

Maybe I should clarify... The pineapple in the picture is mine, it was on the HAK5 table for display as an idea for possibilities along with the wall mount box digininja mentioned. I went over to the NSA booth and left the pineapple on the table and snapped a picture...you know have a little fun at the NSA guys expense <_<

As a side note several of the talks about the NSA were pretty good, check them out when they are posted online if you missed them.

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