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Better Safe Than Sorry?

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I was reading through one of stackexchange's child websites and searched 'wifi pineapple' for kicks to see what would come up. I came across this thread saying that the pineapple's radio transmissions could be easily tracks with some software or specialized hardware as indicate in the thread..


this got me thinking as how to mitigate it as if one was to get caught, he would face jail time (obviously) much like this scenario:


Anyways, back to my point.. would be possible to setup a daemon that runs on the pineapple which is simply a bash script randomizing 'iwconfig wlan0 txpower XX' variables and applying them to the interface? At first it seems like the way to go but im not too sure about having the pineapple's cpu and interface hard at work the whole time changing the transmit power.

Any thoughts on this? I can imagine that this could be easily created as an plugin, or 'infusions' as we call them here :)



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Even with changing TX power, if they have a 3 point monitor they could still triangulate where you are based off of the dB differences between their 3 nodes. If they only had a single omni-directional node (like a laptop/Smart phone) trying to track you down, then modifying the TX power would make that much more difficult.

Also: http://forums.hak5.o...t-6-read-first/


Jasager is a projected intended for the security professional. It can be a valuable tool for penetration testing or other such security auditing. We do not encourage using Jasager with malicious intent.

As with any tools, this tool can be used for good or bad. Here are some of the good uses:

  • In your office - Set it up to capture laptops before the bad guys do. Use a website to remind them of the rules.
  • On penetration tests - Lure in target clients to find a back door into networks.
  • At home - Have fun with neighbors who try to steal your WiFi bandwidth.


WiFi Pineapple is a wireless penetration testing tool

for use in authorized security audits where permitted.

Check laws and obtain client permission before using.

Hak5, LLC., Darren Kitchen, Robin Wood, Rob Fuller,

Sebastian Kinne and affiliates claim no responsability for

unauthorized use. Please Hack Responsibly.

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I would change the mac of the wlan0 and maybe mon.wlan0?

but I have had no succsess in changing the mac, from what i can tell there may be a couple things connected to the issue of changing the mac

You can spoof the mac, but you would have to take interface down and up a lot which will drop connections. If it is a CISCO network, there are so many tools they have to pinpoint every device on the network if the proper setup was done.

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