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  1. If I understood your question, you cant deauth and use karma on the same interface, you will need a laptop or mobile to do the deauth
  2. try using winSCP, its got a nice gui to it too ;) Good luck
  3. You need to echo 1 into the ip_forward. Also, try type arp -a into a cmd in windows and check if the MAC of the default gateway matches your 'attack' pc.
  4. Just use mdk3, Ive been having problems myself with AirDrop-ng couldnt find a solution
  5. Yes, using mdk3's ('d' function) on a seperate device and loading a whitelist to remove the pineapple's BSSID :)
  6. Make sure the AP's saved on your android phone are set to connect automatically when it's in range. Other than that I dont know what else can be wrong :/
  7. Clients will need to be probing for a connection in order for karma to pick them up, if theyre connected to a network already they wont be probing so it wont work. Try a de authentication attack to one of them if you do not have physical access to them <Illegal> and see if it works.
  8. Sure, would save me some time too to figure it all out, Id also love to see other ways to implement this :) Thanks
  9. Note: Since I do not have my pineapple yet, I only can help so much as to websever setup.You probably can use the steps from the RockRolling Pineapple episode to setup the redirection. This is what I did on a laptop running Backtrack: EDIT: Kinda looks shit on all browsers other than Chrome :/ 1) Place contents of: http://www.mediafire.com/?o1t637acat6a116 into /var/www/ 2) Append dns_spoof for ettercap with: facebook.com A webServIP 3) Start up webserver: service apache2 start 4) Run arpspoof <arpspoof -i wlan0 IP)> 5) Run ettercap with: ettercap -Tqi wlan0 -P d
  10. Most of the time yes, it would be cached but if the client has just connected to the network it would refresh the DNS server with your spoofed one. <I imagine you would have this pre-configured with the pineapple> EDIT: I noticed what you meant with the IP block, that account isn't mine but he logged in from a local network I was in so this didn't matter really :P Indeed I have and it still works! Facebook probably uses the GeoLocaction of an IP rather than the block to track it, would be a pain to reset your password if you log in from a different ISP but within the same region. -
  11. Video is reuploaded, Ill try play around with that SSLSniff, I thought SSLStrip's favicon would be enough to bypass the security conscious.
  12. Wow, already taken down.. Ill reupload with no music.. one sec Edit: It shouldnt matter, your victim is entering his credentials using your non-HTTPS page then redirected to the real facebook
  13. I was playing around with a phishing script I had made some time ago with PHP and noticed that the www.facebook.com AND facebook.com are treated differently with ettercap's DNS_SPOOF filter. So I setup the script to forward to www.facebook.com whist having the DNS spoofed on facebook.com only. This will cause an automatic redirection to the user's real profile. This only works if the victim types "facebook.com" in the address bar, so the probability of this working is slightly slimmed down. Obviously this will only work if the user has a 'remember me' ticked on the computer beforehand, which
  14. Im wondering if it's possible to directly tether a phone to the pineapple, I managed with a laptop by just modifying the DNS servers and setitng the default GW and a static IP for the machine.. the rest is set up on the phone.. has anyone managed to do this? I own an N900 by the way
  15. thanks for that,i was looking at the trent portable battery pack. i do know it is usb, so thats about 5v output with 11kmAH. Does anyone have any thoughts of it? amazon.co.uk/New-Trent-iCruiser-IMP1000-Blackberry/dp/B004CHMP50/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330873983&sr=8-1 Sorry for going offtopic bdw
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