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Free Nas and a question


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I'm a newby just looking for some quick help

How hard would it be to set up a Free Nas ( or any other linux distor) at a remote location and have it back up my pc's.

My parents want a computer to back up there laptop and desktop. So they want me to build a pc, no problem there. Since I'm setting up the PC for them they said I can use it to backup my files also. So my question how hard would it be to set up the system to back up my pc's(3 of them). I'm guessing I would have to set up port forwarding on my router and probley there router.

We both are using Lynksis WRT54G routers.

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The 'getting it working' bit is easy, more of a concern is getting it secure if you are accessing it over the Internet. You realy should use a VPN. I have had some success with OpenVPN, so as far as I am aware. It's prety decent, just a bit hard to configure and setup, the how to on the OpenVPN site is prety helpful.

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If you load some custom firmware for your WRT54G's, like the DD-WRT VPN build, you can setup a always on VPN between the 2 routers without the need for a seperate vpn server. Gonna be slow as hell over the public internet though.

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