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Mk4 2.4.0 Translators Needed

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Hey everyone,

As we are introducing multi language support in the upcoming release of the 2.4.0 version, we are now looking for translators!

The job is easy, you will receive a .php file with all the strings belonging to the UI. All you need to do is change the text from English to your language!

This should not take more than one hour!

If you are interested in this, please send me a PM with the language you wish to translate the UI to.

Best Regards,


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A quick update:

I have gotten replies from Spanish, Greek, French and Arabian translators.

This does not mean we don't need you, as we want to make sure we have some proof readers ;)

Another topic I wanted to say is that we will be adding a credit function to the about tab in the webUI.

Basically, there will be a string in the strings file called authors. If you DO NOT wish to appear on the about page, leave this blank.

If you do, simply add your name (in html link format ie: <a href="mysite.com">NAME</a>.



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Hi Seb,

I've been working since months ago translating the WiFi Pineapple UI into spanish language. I've been writing to Darren about it without any response yet, I suppose he is busy for now.

You can see some screenshots of v. 2.0 in this post: http://hacknode.blogspot.com/2012/05/wifi-pineapple-en-espanol.html

I have released all code v. 2.3.1 translated into spanish in GitHub: https://github.com/D4rkOperat0r/pina-wifi

There you'll find a wiki in spanish also: https://github.com/D4rkOperat0r/pina-wifi/wiki

Seb, I would like to continue working with this project in Spanish, I have made some few talks about the WiFi Pineapple and its functionality. Many friends are interested and have already bought several pineapples for them.

You all can find me in Twitter with my nick @DarkOperator


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