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Got Our Own Dslam For Testing!

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So not very exciting news for some, but for the epically geeky we just got our own DSLAM in our office.

We have already configured it to Telkom (The only DSL infrastructure provider in SA) standards and done all the patching.

We are a networking distributor and solutions provider so we often have to test certain concepts before they go live, or just test possible faulty hardware.

Each network engineer will get a port to the DSLAM for whatever testing they may need without actually needing a connection to the internet.

We just need to configure our RADIUS sever and we will allow certain accounts to break out to our leased line.

So basically we can emulate the internet without actually being on the internet, we can even create fake traffic!

Thought it may be interesting to some and may even give you a few ideas.


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