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Flashing A Ap-121u With Mk 4 Firmware?


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Hi all,

I just fried my Pineapple because of using too high voltage (my bad).

Instead of ordering another from US that will cost me over double the price listen on hak5 shop because of tax and stuff I would like to know if it is possible to just buy a Alfa AP-121u and through the original web interface - simple upload the firmware from the MK 4 - and get a healthy running Pineapple..?

If that's not possible - does anybody know if it is possible, and how to flash it with the MK 4 firmware?

Thank you.

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I'm from EU, but i can't seem to find an online shop that sells that router model.

anyway the hardware is the same, it supports openWRT, which is the firmware used as a base to build the pineapple firmware, so i think (but i'm not sure) that it can be flashed.

i'm pretty sure you can't flash it from the web interface or ssh, but by opening it and using a serial console cable (TTL to RS232) i think you might be able to achieve the result.

this would of course void your warrenty.

if i were you, i would buy the pineapple from the hak5 shop once again, considering

- the base hardware cost

- the need for a kit to flash it (the official serial console kit from ALFA costs $30 alone

- the skill required with sordering

- the time needed to do the job

- the risk of breaking and therefore wasting money

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Hi Rampage,

Thanks for your reply.

You can buy them both in Germany and UK.

I am only guessing, but since Pineapple runs OpenWRT and the version that I am buying of AP-121u also is - I thought that the firmwares might be so similar that I could easily upgrade through webinterface, or at least through SSH/TFTP....

Hope sombody out there have tried it, or just know.

I also thought about buying a new one, but it will cost me three times the price. That is a lot!

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You can buy them both in Germany and UK.

I´m also from Germany and I flashed my AP51 a week ago. Now I´m fascinated and want to use it with 3G so I need a MK4.

So could you please give me a link where to buy the AP-121u, I didn´t found a EU Shop ...

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Hi Guys

Just posted this in another thread:


It mentions a UK based supplier (I'm not on commission!) for Alfa products - I think he'll ship elsewhere in EU

only problem is that they are not selling them yet, i have contacted them by mail, and they still need final aproval to sell them.

and it IS the right 8 MB version they have in stock

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