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Good morning guys firs post and please pardon my ignorance.

I understand the theory behind Karma, Computer starts up, shouts out for the most recent used wifi connection and Karma imitates it.

So I was wondering is this only possible on open networks, or is Karma able to get targets to connect even if the original wifi router was protected by WPA2 etc and the pineapple obviously isnt, just becasue its imitating the original SSID?

Only reason I ask is because I have had my pineapple a couple of days so far and only one connection has been made, and that was a neighbors Wii, Not once has any other system connected to my Pineapple, This is using my Macbook (OSX) Laptop (Ubuntu) and Netbook (Ubuntu). Each of these have previously been connected to my WPA2 wifi router previously. Then I turn systems off. Unplug my router. Restart systems hoping for a connection but nothing.

Thanks for any advise.


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Devices will only connect to Karma/pineapple/jasager if the following apply:

  • Access point is saved as auto-connect (may need to add: connect even when not broadcasting)
  • Access point has no authentication or encryption


There is another thread replied to recently by Mr-Protocol detailing why encrypted networks don't work.

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