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  1. Im off to a conference in vegas next week and I am toying with the idea of offering wifi. So I thought of Network Manager and that all I would do is pay for the days internet at the hotel, connect with the pineapple and share the connection out. Then its just hit me that most hotels are open anyway but you have to sign in on their front site and pay that way. This will link my laptop to connect but not my pineapple as I cant view websites with my pineapple. So I cant test this out until I get there, but my thoughts are: Connect to the open network with pineapple, my laptop connects to pinea
  2. I dont know if I am reading it correctly but if you disable it then it will never execute. Just the same as if you disable your keyboard and tried typing. Would it not be better to write a 1 hour delay at the start so when windows restarts and reactivates the ducky then it will launch ater 1 hour? Regarding loops as far as I can see its not supported. Its the messy option of repeating code that would be needed. I wanted to do a similar thing but you need to CTRL, ALT, DEL to unlock and enter password at our work and since ALT doesnt work on the UK keyboard encoder I cant do it.
  3. At work we like to play pranks on anyone who doesnt lock their computer as they leave for lunch etc and everyones become quite good at making sure they lock them so I wanted a way to do it even if they just went along the row to the printer etc when time is limited and they have not locked the computer. My favorite is changing the words in outlooks auto correct settings so I wrote this up. Only problem with it at the moment is on UK keyboard layout ALT doesnt work so I create a bit of a longer delay as it gets to the body of the email so I can manually press ALT and then let it do the rest.
  4. USB one should still show but the others dont. Its a software issue.
  5. Also tried jammer and same thing. Although I can run things such as aimodump fine.
  6. I had but noticed it had been starting wlan0 raather than wlan1 so naturally the pinapple vanished lol. However now using wlan1 the alpha turns itself off. Im going to assume its a power issue even though Im running at 12v as the same is happenning when trying mdk3 (although other things such as airodump works). Wait for my powered hub to come.
  7. Tried but still no joy. ifconfig wlan1 up - airmon-ng start wlan1 - ifconfig wlan1 down - Same thing. Im not using a powered hub. Waiting on the hak5 cable to arrive but its international posting so have to wait. Im running on 12v though so wouldnt have thought there be an issue.
  8. Not working here. Up to date firware and using Alpha 36NHA. I bring the interface (Alpha) up on wlan1. This works as the blue light comes on. run airmon and get mon0 on wlan1. Create whitelist which I cat to confirm it shows mac address which it does. If I run It hangs and nothing happens. If I run The alph turns itself off and I get
  9. Well I went to test and when running jammer through my alph card the pineapple vanishes so cant connect to it as cant find it.
  10. I havnt tested this yet but just thorising. If you have to set the SSID and the mac in the whitelist does this stop karma from working? For example if I wanted to use wlan1 to jam all routers (in this case call them R1 R2 and R3) so that everyone connects to me on wlan0 (karma) and I white list the pinapple with # macaddress and SSID pineapple. Well wouldnt that mean only the SSID pineapple would work? So if Karma changed to R1, R2 or R3 it wouldnt work as even though the mac address is the same the SSID is not? Or will the clients still connect to pineapple no matter what the SSID is as the
  11. Just got this battery back. Its great. I have to have it set at 12v for the USB memory to work so I am glad it has that option.
  12. I noticed no one has replied to this so I will for you now :) The easiest way to do this is to also run ettercap on your computer alongside the pineapple. Create an ettercap filter to replace images with a one you specify. Search google for ettercap filters as there are a few and theres a good vid tutorial by irongeek.
  13. Thanks. In theory I understood why It couldnt work but just wanted to make sure.
  14. Excellent work mate. My only probem is the facebook template. It doesnt display the login page correctly. This is the same on SET though. Through SET the only way to get a better login page is by using the manual option of selecting what page to clone. Gmail login is spot on though.
  15. Good morning guys firs post and please pardon my ignorance. I understand the theory behind Karma, Computer starts up, shouts out for the most recent used wifi connection and Karma imitates it. So I was wondering is this only possible on open networks, or is Karma able to get targets to connect even if the original wifi router was protected by WPA2 etc and the pineapple obviously isnt, just becasue its imitating the original SSID? Only reason I ask is because I have had my pineapple a couple of days so far and only one connection has been made, and that was a neighbors Wii, Not once has any
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