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  1. This has been an issue for awhile, however there are TTLs on the DNS cache so if you are spoofing long enough (usually 5min - 1hr) it will expire and do a new query which DNSpoof should intercept. Have you setup an environment and watched wireshark for the DNS responses? Now, there is further issues where some iOS/Android devices have internal datasets of blocks of IPs that a domain can be accepted from. So it is getting much more difficult to spoof the high profile domains like google/apple/facebook due to this collaboration. Though, as you said there are always ways around this, it just nothing is going to be automated.
  2. Yes, I have this setup with a pi, if you use the admin AP it will work just fine. You will want to set a static IP on the pi though.
  3. Just want to update this with my comments after receiving the Mark V - ZTE 915 is compatible via client wifi bridge or via USB tethering. Follow documentation for other t-mobile devices, no need for any addition WiFi controllers. - GPSd works just fine, have not attempted using this with Pineapple Stats infusion - Other than on my initial setup I really haven't run into similar issues that I had with the Mark IV where a ceiling would be hit on CPU load and the unit would restart. Wifite runs without issue. ADS-B infusion does consume a lot of CPU as predicted and I would not recommend running anything that also polls the CPU heavily such as SSL Strip or Airodump concurrently.
  4. Working on getting a new infusion online that brings back the Wifite + Site Survey features from the Mark IV I worked on a few years ago. If anyone is using Wifite from the console for now I would recommend using my minor modified version here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VultureZZ/wifite/master/wifite.py It has a fix so that clients are now properly detected for de-authing and mac cloning.
  5. Yes, I will look into this over the next few days, just got a Mark V to play with so I should be able to transition this into the Mark V infusion.
  6. Hey guys, been awhile... I was active in the Mark IV but am working on a new setup and just want to run it by the Mark V users to make sure it is possible. - I have a MiFi type device I want to tether the Mark V to, while still having full capabilities. I have an Alfa AWUS036NH, would it be best to add and configure this device to connect to the tether, or use the USB tethering method (will that even work?) - Unit is ZTE Z915 http://www.zteusa.com/tmobile-hotspot-z915 - It appears the "Pineapple Stats" infusion is essentially a war driving application, is this true? It appears to have GPS support, can it use a USB GPS device to correlate the data to a location? - How capable is the Mark V in terms of memory/cpu. The Mark IV was fairly limiting with how much it could process at a time before it reset itself, has this been mainly resolved? For example could I run "Pineapple Stats", and ADS-B infusions without issue? My goal here is to create a lightweight automated WiFi mapping system as I drive around with the ability to view ADS-B data and do pen testing if necessary. Thanks guys, hope to start contributing again soon
  7. Seb, any info on the next version release? I have come back from the dead and it looks like the injection issues have been figured out! I tested this out and found that upon the initial connection of the client the first site seems to get the injection but after that no injection occurs. Additionally I noticed the horrible lag indicated above, let me know if there is anything I can assist with.
  8. Foxtrot, no sure where you are at with this, but I would highly recommend using Wifite as your backend and allow your frontend to make calls to Wifite. The guys from Wifite have pretty much done then best automated implementation of reaver/aircrack I have seen. https://code.google.com/p/wifite/
  9. Read over velocityserial's comments those are good instructions for getting things to work properly. The issue is with the install script executing the python install script, basically it causes a huge amount of load on the router and results in a reset unless you follow the instructions velocityserial laid out. He is essentially making sure you aren't running any extra services, then also making sure you have enough swap memory as that is a quick way to crash the pineapple.
  10. 2nd Wifi + Ettercap Filters..... yummy Just wait to see all the fun that will bring Telot is right, just go for another openwrt platform, much cleaner for what you are wanting to do. You don't need all the overhead of Karma to become a pay-for-internet provider. Plus is this a really viable business plan? From my experience getting signal in a subway is horrid unless the provider is specifically partnered with the municipality. Oh maybe you are talking about above ground trains...
  11. Mine is being mapped by anth9k kernel drivers which is incorrect, I need rt2800-usb. the opkg repository is running 3.3.4 which differs 3.2.14 on the pineapple. Still not possible unless there is a snapshot of the 3.2.14 Repository floating around.
  12. Not yet because I totally forgot about this aspect and e kernel update. Wil test this evening.
  13. From my understanding WM has already accounted for the iptables redirect locking out the web GUI.
  14. What command are you running for sslstrip? Just sslstrip without any switches? You will want to issue the iptables command above, then "sslstrip -w /usb/sslstrip.log" or something to that effect, you will see nothing on the console command for sslstrip it will all be contained in the log file. Then try logging into your bank, it works, you should see: "{DATE} {TIME} SECURE POST Data ({WEBSITE}):{DATA STREAM}"
  15. Updating this thread, 2.0.0 is out, has functionality for SSLStrip. Once installed via opkg execute the following: ln -s /usb/usr/lib/python2.7 /usr/lib/python2.7 touch /usb/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/zope/__init__.py
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