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Ubertooth One As Apec Analyzer


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Well finally sat down to play with the Ubertooth. Wanted to check out the Spec Analyzer part of it.

And after playing on and off for about 10 years with Linux, Linux is still the same train wreck it always has been. Sorry, but as is, it will never replace windows or Mac OS. This prerequisite hell is driving me nuts. (Remember, computers are here to make life *easier* not harder. And compiling source? wtf? and please don't give me that "well you can see the code to check for malware" crap. Yea I'm sure all of you read through every line of code on every program before compiling it.)

OK, enough of my rant :P

I kinda forgot where in the prerequisite circle jerk I'm at, but on BT5R1, I need gmake. I get this error while trying to configure it:

./configure: line 23: /usr/lib/scripts/acscripts/sanitize.sh: No such file or directory

I have no /usr/lib/scripts and beyond. So what am I missing here?

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rofl @ hating on linux then asking for help with linux :)

Did you install anything to a different directory than you're supposed to? Try a "find / sanitize.sh" and see if its somewhere other than /usr/lib/scripts...then symlink where it is to where it should be (something like ln -s folderscriptisin /usr/lib/scripts)


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I kinda forgot where in the prerequisite circle jerk I'm at, but on BT5R1, I need gmake....

google has the answer: http://forums.techarena.in/operating-systems/1414561.htm

Finally, If your going to run linux use a sane distro like ubuntu, or centos - dont run backtrack its missing loads of dependancies (its really a cut-down version of linux, Im surprised it works half the time).

Buy a ubuntu book, the learn ubuntu, once you've got the hang of it, you can move onto other linux OS's like Gentoo or Mint or Arch.

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