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I was playing around with the ssid feature on mkiv and got some interesting results:

1)"view wireless networks" in xp would yeild a plethra of ssid's. Apparently one for every name I had typed in on the config tab @ pineapple.

2)I started getting really weird ssid's. Here's a s/s:post-39032-0-42627900-1331174086_thumb.j

I can't get enough of this thing. Lots to figure out, like some super-tech rubiks cube =p

The possibilities are endless...

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Glad you are enjoying it!

To answer your first point, that is because your laptop kind of "still sees them". This is just because it sees the macaddress of the pineapple and remembered the SSID it saw.

If you rebooted you should only see the current SSID.

This also depends on the OS you are running, some update, some don't.

Those weird SSID's, now that is interesting.

I can't explain that and haven't seen anything like that.

If you have an android get yourself something called wifianalyzer and see what you see through that.



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