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control winamp via the web (for phone) help


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Hay Guy Great Forum

Ive been watchen the show since it first came out but have never joined the forums.

ok so I have 2 questions

1. I want to control winamp by my apache server so it is acsessable by my phone ive looked at a few ways such as xmlamd and wawi but thay all set up there own server I want to run it through my apache the 2nd thing with them was that thay would not run on my phone (ngage) so is ther a bit of php I can through together or should I sart using VNP

2. I have little to no coding experence In coding i can do puddy little things in c++ and basic like things for caculatng area and such mainly to use on my T.I caculator at school. So were is the best place to start I would like to lern something with good internet application but with a bit of power

should I start with perl or something or go for a .net

3. Ive herd of people getting free wap for there mobiles is it at all possible if so ho or is it dark hat style

thankes so much for lookin at my post

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You'll need to learn some HTML, CSS and PHP.

Personally i use PHP but there are a few other languages too, as you have mentioned Perl is one, ASP and ASP.NET.

But I recommend PHP cause it's easy to use, it's popular so therefore it's easy to ask people about it if you have problems, and there are tons of guides to it :)

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