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Get Hand Held Passwords When Connected To Pineapple


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hi again , another thing that concerns me is that, we know hand held devices such as iphone android devices when connected to the internet (some automatically authenticates their emails Gmail Yahoo or messangers) my question is

How can we sniff or get does auto authenticating from hand held devices once it got connected to the Pineapple . thanks in advance

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Normally the traffic generated by devices like the iPhone or Android Smartphones should be encrypted with SSL (App's which need to Authenticate) or with TLS/SSL (Mail Applications).

If you are lucky this devices dont use encryption, maybe because a mailserver does not support it or the developer of the app forgot to use encryption.

If it is encrypted the Pineapple itself cant do anything about it.

Only thing you can try then is to setup your Notebook to use tools like SSLstrip to force these devices to not use SSL, and to sniff the traffic with wireshark.

Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

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