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Nfs Client On Pineapple

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I try to solve my RAM issues by mounting a swap file via NFS.

But i cant load the NFS module, in dmesg i always get a bunch of failure when i try.

At least now i managed to enable cifs on the Pineapple, for a test it makes no difference to use NFS or Cifs.


Okay, trying to mount a SMB Share leads to (what du you think), a crash. Fon reboots.


Okay digging deeper and deeper. Seems that the URLSnarf issue is not completely memory related. OC'ing the Fon to 200MHz lets him survive a URLSnarf start even longer.

Would be great if you could include a working NFS client in the next Version. swap over nfs could be a goo solution to extend the memory of the Pineapple and to store things like logs etc. which would else vanish after a reboot.

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