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HELP PLEASE :,( can anyone decode, and maby resolve ?


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ok so l8ely my pc started crashing after a few mins ,

so i turned auto reboot on crash off and got a bluescreen this is wot i noted down :

modification of system code or crytical data struckture detected.

technical info : 

*** STOP 0x00000109 (0xa303a3877e3c54e , 0xb3b746beca62dbf3 , 0xfffffadfe3e56000 , 0x00000000000000000 )

*** ndis.sys - adress fffffadfe3e56000 base at fffffadfe3e04000 datestamp 42436112

i cant do research myself cos it crashes every 5-8 mins :,(

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i got nore a modem or isdn ... :(

im on a adsl connection :?

ok u were right , partially here's wot i found out :

NDIS = "Network Driver Interface Specification".

tips ive seen :

Strip your NIC driver and other network settings and reinstall.

Remove the drivers from Device Manager and reinstall them and possibly update them via Internet.

wot ive done :

disable 1 network card (wich i couldn't get a updated driver for)

update teh other one's drivers.

result : unknown i hope it dont crash no more :,(

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