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Restoring Default Ssh Password To Mark3


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Good morning all. My friend and I both ordered Wifi Pineapple Mark3s recently. While I have found mine to be fun and educational, my friend didn't see the use for it. He sold me his for half price, and so now I have two. Unfortunately, he changed his SSH password and does not recall what it is. I tried to Restore to Factory Defaults, which does not reset the password (so no luck there derp). I did some searching around the forums and saw that Mr. Protocol suggested reflashing the firmware or changing the password via serial console. Can anyone elaborate on how I'd go about resetting the password to default (pineapplesareyummy)? Thank you in advance


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The best idea would be to re-flash with my latest firmware.

You can find it on wifipineapple.com



I found it - I did it - It worked great!

Thanks Seb!

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