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I just watched episode 2.02 and thought someone here could help me. What happened? Well, I forgot my Flickr password (I know that's irresponsible of me, but it's actually my first time forgeting a password in all these years of uhmm... using passwords on the internet or something). Well, there's also the possibility that I forgot my username and not my password since I use some passwords over and over again when registering accounts, depending on the level of personal information I give. Easier for me, though not really secure.

Anyway, Yahoo's forgot password thing is not helping at all, since I have to put some information like birthday, zipcode, country, etc., and my real information is not working, so I probably made some stuff up when I made the account. All I know is that my account username is probably a combination of Dako, Rakkun and/or Mapache (that's spanish for Raccoon), since those are always my aliases on the net.

I was fine with Firefox remembering my password, but the other day I deleted the cookies and BAM!, no more Flickr account til I remember my user/pass. Then I remembered I had installed Flickr Uploadr and uploaded some photo batch from there, so I checked and it still has my account information there, though I cannot check for my username or password (well, the asterisks anyway).

Well, I know my account user and pass is somewhere on my computer, and after watching ep 2.02 and the windows hacking, I was wondering if someone could help me, point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,


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Tools -> Options -> Passwords tab -> view saved passwords. If you used IE6 to open the account, try using cain&able to recover the passwords. If its not on your computer, and the "i've forgotten my password" doesn't help you, then your locked out. But in all honesty these accounts are fairly easy to reset, if you have the email account they were created with.

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Thanks a lot for the help, heheh. I also didn't know that Firefox did that, though it couldn't help me :?, Flickr Uploadr is an external app, so the password should be around my computer, on the registry or some folder I guess. Also, the reset password thing is the one that asks me for my birthday, zipcode, etc., so I can't reset my password :?.

Again, thanks a lot for the help, and any other suggestion is welcome :o .

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Uhmm... WTF?

If by fake you mean I'm trying to gain access to another person's Flickr Account, I have my blog to prove it, the Flickr Account, and the original photos if you want to see them. By the way, the blog is in spanish.

Sorry for the defensive reaction, I'm just asking for help to get my password back( and maybe learn a little about how the windows hack was done since it's related), not trying to get access to someone else's account.

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