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Hak5 Video Info


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Expected Mixes:

Hak5 Intro Vs Lightsaber Colbert

Hak5 Intro Vs Numa Numa Kid

Hak5 Intro Vs Angry German Kid


I only have my main Laptop now (ThinkPad X60s, 1.66GHz core duo with 2GB DDR2), mobile phone, two PDA’s, a digital camera and a video camera.

My laptop makes a shit machine for video editing/creation, Laptops with 12.1" screens don’t make good editing machines, although I did installed all the editing/creation software I own on it.

All I have do in the next three weeks is buy a house and lots of new shit so I should have some time to put something interesting together.

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Sony Vegas 6. If there is enough interest I may release the source files for the intro and let people play around with them. Could make for some interesting remixes. Let me know if anyone's interested.

I'm very interested if you don't mind releasing it. I'm sure it'd help me learn. I'm toying with the idea of a few small video posts, but I'd want to clean them up with titles and such.

P.S. - Hope your hand feels better!

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