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Hi there

Can some one please help me?
I have windows xp professional 32/86 bit sp3
I have a 320GB hdd in my laptop.

I started getting errors and it would always take for ever on start up. (Yes I had used ccleaner to edit start up list). I also got error when trying to copy files from a specific place. I restarted my computer and got the bsod (blue screen of death). I looked at the error on the internet and it said to boot from windows xp disk which I did and do a chkdsk /r. It took for ever to do the checking but after a while at about 80% it stopped and said there is an error and bad sectors or some thing I can’t remember.

I then tried to reformat the hdd using NTFS not the quick format and it failed to format showing an error message.

Is the hdd broken or can it be fixed?

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Does it boot, or does it give a bsod, if, what's the error message.

You can try to boot to ubuntu using live DVD/usb stick and there try to see, if you can read/wirte n that partition. If hdd is broken ubuntu will likely to tell it by a way that makes sense.

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Sounds like your hard drive had it! It happened with my brother's laptop, he was getting blue screen, and some other errors related to bad sectors in the hard drive.

He took the computer to a repair shop, to get it replaced. There is one more thing you could do before replacing your hard drive. Download this utility and leave it running, it will attempt to repair any bad sector it finds, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk. If it doesn't fix the problem, than its time to get a new HDD.

Good luck bro...

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Well, if you formatted the HDD, you now lost all your data from the old system(if you didn't back it up prior to the format), and its not going to boot with no OS on it any longer.

You only format a HDD, if you are going to reinstall the OS or its a new drive you want to write files to as a spare disk. At this point, you would have to boot off the XP install disc(if you have one) and reinstall the OS from scratch and then update all the patches to be back at SP3, etc. In doing so, it will format the drive for you during the install, and if errors are found, it should mark the bad sectors and work around them if there is reasonably good space left. Bad sectors can usually be fixed in a chkdsk scan as well, just have to tell it to do so before you scan it.

In the future, backup anything you need before attempting to format the drive. Mounting it in another machine with adapter cables to read files off, or even booting off a live linux disc would have given you the opportunity to backup your data. Also, steer clear of programs like ccleaner. In my experience, that program causes more trouble than its worth, and windows handles fixing registry issues more than any other 3rd party tools. Learn to use regedit instead, or the group policy editor instead, if you don't want to accidentally delete important keys. Reg cleaners always seem to make things worst.

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