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Uncyclopedia Is Awesome


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i've wasted a number of hours just recently on this website


I just wanted to know. Anybody know how long it's been around.

This is the largest body of work of its kind that i have seen in my life. I find it absolutely amazing that quite obviously a very large amount of work has been put into a body of useless unfactual and often stupid and idiotic information. It is most certainly the most amazing thing on the internet.

As well as that, i notice that the guys who make the site are really experienced wikimedia users.

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Yeah the internet has always been a haven for such pointless information. I also enjoy reading Encylcopedia Dramatica:


I hate that site so much. I'm clicking through random pages when you start reading a page it's a little funny, then they push that into completely racist.

I read the Jew page and that was way over the line. Then I read the Canada page, I'm not even going to comment on it. I have no problem with making fun of Canada, 10% of comedy in Canada is making fun of Canada, but I would rather listen to 3 hours of nock-nock jokes then read that page again.

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