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I'm looking for cheap virtual private servers. Mainly to be used as VPN and for ssh tunnel. So 256 memory is ok, and 5-10GB hdd works well too. Olny thing I really care, is that they woun't charge extra, if I exceed my bandwidth cap. They can close access to my site till next month.

A couple of services I found are;

http://fanaticalvps.com/unmetered-vps.php it seems good, Havent yet found any bad reviews and "unlimited" bandwidth i always good. Germany

https://www.bhost.net/index.php?vps 1TB monthly bandwidth usage, similar prize, a bit more memory. UK.

So do you know any US based service that you might even recommend. Or somewhere else.

http://www.justkez.com/reality-of-budget-vps/ Great article about budget VPS's.

Would you trust on services mentioned above. Any thoughts?

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Personally, I would get a normal hosting account that offers shell access, so you can SSH into the server, then use your own site, as your SSH tunnel. Thats what I do with dreamhost. Relying on 3rd party VPN services also means you have to rely on them for security and what you would be doing with your traffic.

Now, I haven't tried it, but apparently you can also run TOR through an SSH tunnel(and vice versa) which also further encrypts your traffic and hides your location somewhat. Instead of $10/month with a VPN service, just get a hosted site with Dreamhost. Its like $99/yr for hosting, and $10/year for the domain name renewal. That right there is cheaper than most paid VPN services and you also have all that space for storing/hosting files, ssh/scp/sftp access, php, mysql, etc. You don't have to use it as a website either. Just throw a static html page with nothing on it and use it for the SSH tunnel and you would be good to go.

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Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I use Amazon EC2 now and then if I want to try something offsite. as long as you stay under 750 hours (and a few other easy requirements) it is free to use. Just something to think about depending on what your needs are. There are ubuntu and backtrack instances that are prebuilt and ready to go.

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