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Unlocking File Handlers In Windows 7.


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A quick question to all my nerdy friends, what software do you use for unlocking file handlers in Windows 7?

I am trying to rename a file in Windows 7, but bloody Windows is telling the file is locked by another program or user.

I've tried using Unlocker, but it doesn't seem to work well in Windows 7, the application just crashes. I've tried using the Windows compatibility but to no avail.

Thank you all in advance.

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Hi, Just wanted to say, that I have fixed my problem, I used Process Explorer to locate the process that was locking the file.

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Well great that you solved your problem, Im using Unlocker without any issues. it just requires admin privileges.

http://www.filehippo.com/download_unlocker/ couldn't find its homepage, that's the unlocker I use, there are multiple unlockers similarly named.

That's what I used, what version of Windows are you using?

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I was going to suggest process explorer to see what its running under. The other thought when that doesn't work is reboot, then rename it.

If its a DLL or EXE file you wanted to rename, you can also look at the command prompt and do tasklist /m

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