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Steganographic Tool


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Hey All,

I need your help!! Currently I am taking a class on information security and as a project i need to find a Steganographic Tool that can "Embed a text file within an image". I have no clue where to start looking, so if anyone knows of a program (preferable one that runs in windows) that can do this PLEASE let me know.. If you have used the program before, it would also be helpful to know the steps to get the file embedded into the image (unless its pretty self explanatory)

Thank you,


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If you are doing an info security course and don't know where to look for things on the net then maybe it is too advanced for you, try to google for "Stenographic Tool that can Embed a text file within an image"

Please don't ask us to do your homework for you, come back and ask questions when you've tried things and got stuck and can show you've put some effort in.

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I have to agree with Digininja, if you don't know something or you are looking for some piece of information, the first thing you should try is a Google Search.

99% of the time, you will find what you are looking for, just by searching in Google.

See it only took me a few seconds, to find the tool you are after. Here is the link, http://steghide.sourceforge.net/

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