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Your Favorite Projects.


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My favourite project was the build of a CMS for a Resort hotel website, I had to do it for one of my universities subjects. It was a lot of fun, since I had to built a complete new website from ground up as well as implement a CMS to it so that, the hotel management staff could easily manager the website from a web-based interface.

It took me over 3 months to construct the CMS and the website, but it was a great project and a very rewarding experience.

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I would have to say that it would be either when i got to build a rocket for an "egg drop" experiment for sophomore year in HS or building a small wooden boxcar that was powered by 1' of latex tubing to compete against others in my AP Physics C class.

I cant wait till i transfer to a 4yr college so i can have more fun.

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Building a home network at my first apartment. Still underway too :P

I am upgrading some components of my network to fiber optics. For instance between switches i will be using media converters and fiber patch leads. My servers will all be using 10Gigabit adapters. I still have a long way to go, but in the end it should be a very fast network.

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