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Usb Wristbands

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Hey y'all

Just thought id make you all aware of something pretty neat i stumbled upon while

looking for a U3 drive for a switchblade...


pretty neat huh? but i was thinking...

apparently the american government have plans to scan laptops and usb sticks in airports

at some point (ill try to find source) due to some ridiculous war on piracy, and they

now have those x-ray scanners that would see the usb in the wristband.

What i was thinking was adding a teensy little screen from a digital watch ontop, that way

when its viewed through one of those things it just looks like a load of circuitry anyway.

Hak5, i need you to find what could be wrong in my plan and piss on my dreams! :D



PS: I think the wristband may be U3 enabled, since a guy in the reviews said it came with

pre-installed apps that he deleted, and U3 is used for auto-running pre-installed apps,

correct me if im wrong! :)

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I wonder what would happen if you had a teensy set up to report itself as a mass media device of 10TB in size and then every time it is asked for what's on a sector it just returned a random bit stream.

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nope, apparently if they find you with any kind of digital storage device they'll legally

have the right to scan it for 'copyrighted' material (see: ACTA)

and yeah, i was thinking if i put the circuitry for a digital watch on top, itd just look

like a slightly more complicated digital watch? reckon itd work?

(dont worry, i have no plans to test this for now)

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The problem I see is that you have to expose the USB plug to take it off. They would see that and know it was more than a bracelet or watch. However those new full body scanners that I have seen are not x-ray and they probably wouldn't see through the metal and you could pass it off as a simple bracelet. I can't remember if they make you remove watches,etc.

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