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Dy-crypt Sha 256


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If you know the hashes, just look them up on these sites.




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I believe hashes cant be cracked, I think they need to be checked against a list of known hashes... So if the hash isnt on those sites, you won't have any luck.

May be wrong though, someone can correct me if im wrong :)

One way or the other if he can't find a match for his hashes, he will need to revert to the traditional brute forcing method. Hashcat has an option for Sha hashes.

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Ah yes, thanks guys, I did forget to mention brute forcing. I guess when he said "crack" I assumed he meant "decrypt" or something similar. Sorry for being a noob :)

yea thats what i meant it was 4 am and no sleep kinda get out of it but ill see if thoese sites have it

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