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[Version 1][artical] Hackers Pierce Network With Jerry-rigged Mouse

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"The Teensy microcontroller programmed by the Netragard hackers was programmed to wait 60 seconds after being plugged

in to a computer and then enter commands into its keyboard that executed malware stored on the custom-built flash drive

snuck into the guts of the Logitech mouse. To squelch warnings from McAfee antivirus, which was protecting the customer's

PCs, the microcontroller contained undocumented exploit code that subverted the program's dialogue boxes to evade detection."

Hackers Pierce Network With Jerry-rigged Mouse

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Can still be done.

Get your self a usb mouse open it up, separate the four wires from the cable, hook them up to a USB-female header (you will need to solder them in the right manner), plug in Ducky. Reassemble case.

Female USB A Header http://www.digikey.com/scripts/dksearch/dksus.dll?FV=fff40016%2Cfff802e4&k=usb+female&vendor=0&mnonly=0&newproducts=0&ptm=0&fid=0&quantity=0&PV28=872&PV392=1544

USB mouse, wire, soldering iron, solder easy sourced.

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No, sadly it would just be another Ducky in disguise.

I suppose you could add in a switching circuit to flick between mouse mode and ducky mode???

Two lots of HID messages on the same wire, would just confuse the OS.

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Mabe Hak 5 should sell these in the store. Would be awesome!

I bet someone could solder a USB hub between the computer and the mouse and ducky plugin.

hell you could just grab a usb extender cord, and hollow out a wireless mouse's battery slot some more, bottom wouldn't look great, but not many people checking the bottom of your mouse.

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