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  1. How comes, that it has to be so low? Anyway thanks for merging it! So 2 KB per payload ? And.. so you put it in, and it will automaticly start the first inject.bin like the default firmware(i have) does.. and then when you want the other one you press capslock? or will it only start after you pressed something(any inject.bin)? How many lines could a payload contain of 2 KB o.0?
  2. Hello everybody! I wonder.. is there any payload that simply executes something that would work on any OS? (executing a file from the SD, so that program could do the rest since i just read somewhere that there is a max of 4 KB for the inject.bin to be.. not very much) I also wonder if it is possible to bruteforce an logon screen from any windows computer, like bruteforcing an android key which i have seen on the hak5 series.
  3. the fuck? does the usb rubber ducky has a limit? why is that.. 4 KB is not very much.. ...
  4. yeah i see, it disables the auto run and makes it possible to run the payload through those triggers.. so i should get the newest twinduck and wait for a twinduck which also contains the multi payloads? :P mkay (i hope the new encoder works since the last one with the repeat function didnt..)
  5. i posted a large payload somewhere with different possibilities on how to hide it.. were only one worked for me xD i don't remember it though.. but i guess i did it by entering the move command promt option and then just very fast insert some down keys to hide it beneath your screen while it does the rest.
  6. Oh so am i right? The; c_duck_v2.1.hex (Twin Duck - Reloaded; Composite V2.1) is an HID and an Mass Storage.. So you can execute things from the SD with the inject.bin? USB_v2.1.hex (FAT Duck; Mass Storage Version 2.1) Makes from the USB Ducky, an SDcard reader alone since it reads the SDcard just like an reader and nothing else. c_ducky_v2_S002 & S001 (Composite Duck - Special Request 00*) No idea what the special request is but probably not better then the twinduck. m_duck_v2.hex (Detour Duck Version 2 (Multi Payload) (formerly Naked Duck)) is an HID with Multiple Payload possibilities. c_duck_v2.hex (Twin Duck - Reloaded) Lower version from the Twin Duck... USB_v2.hex (FAT Duck; Mass Storage Version 2) Lower version of from the useless? Lets say.. standalone, SDcard reader with no extra posibilities? duck_v2.hex (Duck Firmware Version 2) The default firmware i have now? I guess.. And you were saying, you also would like to have the twinduck + multipayload in one, which is like i said and also wanted the HID, Mass Storage and Multi Payloads.. I can't wait :D But prefer the twinduck over the multi payloads if it is not going to happen^^
  7. Is it possible to combine every firmware into one? Well just the HID, Mass Storage & Multiple Payloads? What would even happen if the inject.bin presses one of the three multi payload buttons? XD And if this is not possible.. I have to use USB_V2.1.hex right? Would be epic to have everything into one, i wonder if the Mass Storage just shows the content of the SD like it would do when you have it in your SDcard reader. Would seem a little bit suspicious ( a regular USB Stick that has a file on it, called inject.bin, lol) :P Every firmware has the HID in it already right? Probably yes^^
  8. Which firmware is available? Which firmware is the best/do you recommend me? What are the differences between each available firmware. i'd like to know that before i change my firmware to the mass storage + hid one (does that even mean that i can change the payload while the SDcard is in the ducky, in my computer?) lol. I really have the feeling i will do something wrong. (I have the same feeling when i have to flash roms to my android but whatever) I appreciate all the information that you guys give me!
  9. i got the latest (green) board, i hope i don't fuck my ducky up xD would be awesome if someone could help tomorrow through teamviewer or something.. (for less chance of failing) >.<"
  10. The encoding process in 2.3 is done in less then a second while in 2.4 it or takes very very long.. or it just doesn't work but i quitted after waiting a couple minutes is it working for you correctly just like in 2.3 ? (I have Windows Home Basic, if the OS is the problem which wasnt on 2.3) and i have no idea what firmware i have at the moment.. since i just got my ducky i guess the default firmware it should have? What is the difference in TwinDuck Firmware? what do you recommend me.. ^_^
  11. Hmm okay, i just wanne be ready for when the victim doesn't have internet access at that moment because if you just let it (copy &) execute from the sd.. but the given payload for that isnt working for me because somehow it doesnt see the SDcard but it can activate the inject.bin.. do you got any explanation and possible fix?
  12. Nice haha but anyway i got the DOWN thing working.. by replacing: ALT SPACE STRING m DOWNARROW REPEAT 100 ENTER With: ALT SPACE DOWNARROW ENTER DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW ENTER (But then 100 times the DOWNARROW because i guess... .. the repeat function isnt even working?) But do i need something extra to be able to run files from the SDcard while being mounted by the ducky? o.0 please explain :D
  13. Nice song haha :P But anyway, i want it to start a program from the SDcard.. how? When i tried the Payload runexe from sd, it doesn't "ever" see it? Do i need something extra to make it work or..
  14. did the hackers deface it or something? and if you guys don't got backups.. why not?
  15. Well i love perl, but its not a 'must'. and the decoder does work a little bit though :P
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