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The other day I came up with an idea: Make an ultra portable hacking setup that includes everything from BT5 to a custom WifI pineapple like router. This is all in a secure, fire proof case. When this is done it will look way more profesional then now. Right now I just taped the devices in place as a test run to make sure everything fits well. The goal is this:

The laptop will run BT5 for pentesting and hacking.

The router will run open-wrt with jasager for creating a wifi pineapple (will purchase a hak5 pineapple soon and use that instead)

Laptop will also boot FreeBSD to setup and deploy an easy to use - auto configured WiFi Mesh Network.

Here are some pics:



It will look a lot more polished after its done. I am going to cover the bottom under the laptop with Styrofoam for a nice snug fit. THe cables will be hidden as much as possible and be velcro'd on. Using a wifi Pineapple V2 Means the router will be smaller and battery powered. I am also going to put some felt over the styrofoam to make it look nice. I am hopping to sell some custom made ones with custom hardware et al. Any recommendations? What would you like to see in it? Would you by one? (More profesional fully featured and polished version).

Any suggestions welcome!


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I would say that carrying around a case like that would look suspicious. ;) A normal laptop-bag/backpack would work better I think...

LOL true but this is just the mock up. Once done it will the size of a laptop case. I am also writing some software to integrate everything smoothly (Pineapple, BT5, FreeBSD, etc.) IT's going to be as seamless as possible and I am also writing another program to make it super easy for even someone with no experience to test their network with a click of a button. :) The script scans for wifi connects to open AP's, cracks WEP if needed as well as WPA/2 than scans the network for systems and attacks those with known exploits ;) After (if not successful) it use MITM attacks to direct users to a custom built website with exploits for various OS's and applications.

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Something like this, should look good for a laptop case.


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